Monday, May 20, 2013

Voyag3r Art

Artwork I did for the debut Voyag3r 7" record on Bellyache Records! Wanted an 80s post apocalyptic action movie vibe!

Voyager 3 logo

Local Detroit artists Voyag3r new 80s inspired logo. Half Adobe Illustrator, half hand painted in Photoshop.

South Bend Shovel Slayer

A Home Alone inspired design I did for A "what if?" Old Man Marley actually DID kill people! Always have been a HUGE Home Alone fan so it was cool turning this hilarious movie into a slasher flick! 

Watch the magic pumpkin hoodie

Crazy design I did, you can NEVER have enough pumpkins and witches!

Burial Ground Poster!

Another one of my faves! HAD to do a poster for it!

Black Roses Poster

Poster I made to sell at Monster Mania Con! One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Horror/Heavy Metal movies! 

Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake Poster

Poster I designed/Illustrated for the crazy people at Silver Bullet Pictures!

RENFEST poster art!

Wanted to get a weird creepy kids fantasy 80s vibe with this one! But still have it fun for the whole family. Something kids AND adults will see and enjoy. 


UHF Records shirt I illustrated. Inspired by the old Metal Massacre comps! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bellyache Records Logo

Local Detroit record label Bellyache Records approached me to design a new logo that looked like a candy bar with a record coming out of the end. Scotty (owner) and I both love gross 80s monster toys, so we went that route. GROSS DUDE! 

Deadly Intentions Haunted Attraction

Ad I did for Deadly Intentions. Hand painted graphics with acrylic on canvas. Hand Drawn logo. 

Peter Bark shirt

The Official Peter Bark Fan Club shirt I did for BURIAL GROUND has always been a favorite movie of mine so this was awesome to do.